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Save up to 30% on Corporate Travel Expenses

Corporate Travel Services

Corporate travel services are lifesavers for business travelers who are always on-the-go. Forest Travel specializes in corporate travel agency services to assist busy professionals on their can't-miss trips.

Traveling is a pleasure, but it's also a hassle. When you go on vacation, you know that there's a reward waiting for you, which lightens the load of all the planning and packing. Business travel is another matter. You're typically very busy with planning a meeting, teaching a class, or engaging in team-building exercises. Adding extra time to research for flights and accommodations can increase your stress just by how time-consuming it can be.

With Forest Travel, you remove the difficulties of finding the best corporate travel options on your own. You can simply delegate each trip to your dedicated travel agent or book through your personalized online booking tool which already has your company information and travel policies in place.


Our Services

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The Ultimate Corporate Travel Program

Book a demo with us to get a firsthand look at our corporate travel services. All it takes is a bit of information. Share your name, the email attached to your company, your phone number, the name of your company, and your job title. We can show you how easy it is to book your business trips and save up to 30% of your overall travel spending.

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Thanks to the aid of our skilled travel advising teams, we are able to make sure that employee happiness is a top priority. Our custom online booking tool offers an effortless way to book the tickets and rooms you need to guarantee your success. In addition to the planning and execution of your travel, our corporate travel agency services can also teach you how to optimize any travel expenses that you incur. Professionals who travel to the same locations can set up an automated process for efficient booking.


Experience the ease of corporate travel services. Take the stress out of your business trips. Forest Travel is here to help at every point along the way. Ensure smooth business trips and reduce your travel expenses to save valuable funds for you and your company.


Expenses, reporting and consulting

We have partnered with SAP Concur Travel & Expense. This will allow you to automate the expense management process, thus eliminating errors, paper, and procedures that come along with it, freeing up your employees and allowing for more control over compliance and costs. We will also identify potential opportunities and efficiencies for our quarterly reviews.

24/7 Agents

Each traveler will be assigned a dedicated travel agent. This will create the perfect customer service experience, avoiding being transferred from agent to agent.

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